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My Internet Friends / Online Marketer Experts & Newbie:

We get straight to the point - we are selling you a package of Email List that no one else has or is offering - 500+ Million Emails! Yes - it can be yours!! This product will come to you in a DVD

CAUTION!: If you are not interested in owning this huge list, please close this page immediately. We don't want to waste your valuable time and ours here.

Don't bother buying email lists of 1k Emails or 1 Million Emails from other sellers. This email list was put together by myself and some of the most successful email marketing companies in the world. This list contains OVER 500 MILLION EMAILS!!! Here is a list of some of the categories:

And, it also include the following:

  • 15 Million Companies Emails 3 Million Fresh Bulk Emails 8 Million Worldwide Emails 10 Million Misc Emails 1 Million Yahoo Emails 2.5 Million Worldwide Emails
  • 0.25 Million Germany Emails

With the just-added Email Lists you will be receiving Five Hundred Thirty-Six Million Emails!! Again, that's:



Imagine this...

You are using this list and promote a produc t or service that gives you $10 profit per sale, and at:

  • 0.0001 Percent (1/10000 of 1%)  Response-Rate or Conversion, you would be earning $5,360!

    0.001 Percent (1/1000 of 1%) Response-Rate or Conversion, you would be earning $53,600!

    0.01 Precent (1/100 of 1%) Response-Rate or Conversion, you would be earning $536,000!

    0.1 Percent (1/10 of 1%) Response-Rate or Conversion, you would be earning, $5,360,000!!

  • 1 Percent (1%) Response-Rate or Conversion, you would be earning $53,600,000!!!

Take note, we are only talking about at most, 1% Conversion rate on this list, and we are already hitting Millions of Dollars of "Potential" Income for One Product/Service alone!!!

What if you are promoting a product or service that gives you $15, $20, $25, or $50 per sale? How much could be your potential earning at the same conversion rates outlined above?

...You do the math yourself. The figures are overwhelming, but it does not necessarily mean, "exaggerating" because we are only basing it to at most 1% response-rate!

How much does it cost?

Let's get it straight and clear here, this list is PRICELESS!! But sad to say, we have to give it a price here, or else, you will not be able to order. Lol.

With ONLY 0.0001 Percent (1/10000 of 1%) Conversion rate for a product that gives $10 profit per sale, you could be easily making $5,360 with this list - that's just for one product and one single promotion!!

With this, we're wondering if you will be angry with us if we will sell it to you at ONLY $5000?

With one promotion alone at a very minimal Conversion-rate that we have outlined above, you could already be earning! How much more if you got a very hot product that could give you greater conversion rates? Remember, with ONLY 1% Conversion rate for a $10 product could give you Millions of Dollars of Potential Income in just a single promotion!!

But wait! If you order it earlier, you will get it at even a lower price - this is a very crazy offer; but we are NOT. ;-)

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And, Here's More!! -> Bonus!**Bonus!**Bonuses!!

As a token of our appreciation for you buying our email lists we will be including the following E-books & Software Free:

Mailing List Manager: A Complete Full Featured Email Solution. Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Profits On Expensive Monthly Fees! The Top Email Mailing List Software Available Mailing List Manager is a web-based php/mysql program that offers you unique ability to fully manage your mailing list and newsletters.

Leverage On Email Marketing: Learn How You Can Use Email Marketing In Your Favor And Spell P-R-O-F-I-T-S With Every Single Email You Sent! This E-Book goes into detail on sending out your emails. Some of the contents: Skills for Effective Email Writing Marketing Copy in Your Emails Writing for an Email Audience How to Hook Readers.

Mailing List Profits: Discover How YOU Can Profit From Your Mailing List With Every Way Possible - From The Moment Your Subscriber Visits Your Lead Capture Page Until He Receives E-mails From You - At Cult Status!

Email Master Pro: With the eMailMaster PRO email formatting software tool, you'll be able to:  +  Check Your Email Messages For SPAM Trigger Words and Phrases in the click of a button. +  Auto Inject SPAM Trigger Words and Phrases With Special Characters To Kill The SPAM Trigger Effect. +  Choose The Special Characters You Want To Use With One Click Ease.

We could have included a couple hundred other junk E-books and software, but NO! - We won't do that. The above is more than enough because they work. We have read the bonus e-books ourselves and they have useful information that we use in our email marketing campaigns and efforts until now.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with over 500 Million Emails?
- It is a fact that the majority of the most profitable companies in the world use email marketing as a way to get their product or service in front of consumers and businesses. If you are a large corporation or just an individual with a product to sell (either your own or just affiliated with it and earn commissions) you need this list!!

Are all these emails Active?
- Again, we will get it straight to you here. We will be dishonest and boastful if we will tell you that, "Yes! All these 536 Million Emails are Active" - But, they really are Active Emails as we have them built ourselves and from few hundreds of Email Marketers around the globe. However, consider the very fast-changing Internet world, some of these emails may no longer be active by time - either it become dormant or totally removed from their email providers or ISPs.

Worst case scenario, let's just say that when you start using this list, only 50% are active. That's still approximately 268 Million Emails!

And, let's have a non-ambitious turn-over here to see how much can we get with this list:

If you are promoting a product that gives you a $10 profit (income or commission), and promote it to this list and ONLY 50% is active at that time you promote (that's 268 Millions Emails), then ONLY 0.1 Percent (Not 1% But 1/10 of 1%) Grab your Offer, you will be making 268,000 SALES!!

268,000,000 Emails X 0.1 Percent = 268,000 Sales

And, at $10 Profit per sale, you will be making $2,680,000 Gross Profit!!

What about SPAM and being CAN-SPAM compliant?
- The CAN-SPAM Act basically states:

1)   You cannot have a false or misleading header in your email.
2)   You cannot have a deceptive subject line in your email
3)   It requires you to have an opt-out method
4)   It requires you to have a valid postal address in the email.

If you follow the above guidelines you will be able to legally send out emails to millions!

What file type do the lists come in?
- All of the lists are in .txt files. For your Easy extracting, we split them into parts and compressed in Zip file format.

Order before This item ends - Only few cds are left! Pay ONLY US$799 OR INR 36,000 (that's 85% OFF!)


Payment by DD/Cheque infavour of "" or Western Union / MoneyGram / UAE Exchange or Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit.

*After a successful purchase, We will send you the DVD with all this item to your address!



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