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On we are focused on providing successful email marketing strategies for the business owner. Whether you have a home-based eco-business, a small strategic business, or a growing corporation, you need successful email marketing strategies to earn, earn, earn. We are here to help you learn more. Clicking our links will lead you to helpful products for your success, including software, templates, courses, and other helpful items.

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In addition, read on for helpful tips on successful email marketing strategies.

Personalizing Your Emails

Emails that are personal get a better response. Sometimes itís simply a matter of plugging in the customerís name. ďDear JaneĒ is a much more pleasant thing to find in your inbox than ďDear Customer.Ē In fact, since many unsavory phishing techniques mimic legitimate businesses, many email users are wary of the ďDear CustomerĒ sort of email and might avoid opening them, fearing attack. Calling your customer by name lets her know that you really do know her.

Focus on Benefits

Whatís in it for me? Thatís what I want to know, itís what you want to know, and itís what your customer wants to know. Many people focus on features rather than benefits, but the best, most successful email marketing strategies focus on benefits, because itís always going to be benefits that bring in the sales.

Does your product have a cool new whizgig attachment? Who cares? On the other hand, is your product easier to use, lighter to carry, or cheaper to operate? Now I care, because those things benefit me. If it just so happens that the whizgig is the thing that makes it easier, lighter, or cheaper, well thatís nice, but thatís YOUR business. MINE is using the product, or deciding to buy from the competition instead. So, tell me what benefits me rather than what features you have.


Keep it Brief and Keep it Simple

Attention spans are getting shorter every day. We all know this, we joke about it, we complain about it. ďThe Digital GenerationĒ we say with a sigh. But itís not a joke. Partly itís because our society is so fast-paced, and partly itís the unique nature of successful email marketing strategies. Reading on a monitor is simply not the same as reading paper. Itís not just the rapid pace of the Internet, glare, position, and clarity all play a role.

Keep your email marketing short and to the point. Be friendly and direct and say what you mean to say. Use a language checker and make sure that youíre writing at an eighth grade level or below. Donít use jargon. If you HAVE to use jargon (because thatís what youíre selling) make the rest of your language even simpler and more colloquial. Your readers will thank you: With their dollars!


Consider Video Email

Your email marketing strategies arenít thorough if you donít consider video. YouTube is one of the biggest business success stories of the 21st Century. Online video is increasingly appealing, and more and more of your customers have sufficient bandwidth to enjoy it. Video is fun to watch! If you can engage your customers with a fun, interesting video, they will be more likely to buy. Unfortunately, most business owners donít know how to take advantage of video and many are afraid to try.

Donít be one of them! Learning how to use video email marketing strategies can be a huge asset to your business.

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