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United States Email Database

Email ListRecordsPrice
Accountants 27,487 US$197.00
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services 56,323 US$270.00
Advertising-Agencies 8,984 US$85.00
Architects 29,515 US$212.00
Attorneys 101,470 US$426.00
Banking 59,836 US$286.00
Beauty Salons 16,460 US$138.00
Building Contractors 8,648 US$82.00
Civil Engineer 6,450 US$61.00
Clinics 14,052 US$117.00
Electronic Equipment Supplier 1,566 US$18.00
Environmental & Ecological Services 3,855 US$41.00
Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs 879 US$11.00
Financial Advisory Services 18,311 US$153.00
Graphic design 43,031 US$258.00
Insurance 66,397 US$318.00
Interior design 13,958 US$117.00
Investment 33,232 US$199.00
Jewelers Retail 2,106 US$22.00
Kitchen & Household Equipment 11,740 US$98.00
Landscape Designers 10,705 US$89.00
Legal Services 10,007 US$84.00
Mail Order & Catalog Shopping 7,660 US$73.00
Makeup & Cosmetics Business 14,357 US$114.00
Marketing 44,998 US$269.00
Non-profit Organization 4,696 US$50.00
Packaging Service 5,537 US$52.00
Personal & Business Loans 90,506 US$379.00
School and Education 22,815 US$163.00
Social Services 7,795 US$74.00
Software Engineers 22,764 US$163.00
Web Design 58,815 US$282.00
Wedding Supplies & Services 11,002 US$92.00
Sales leads play a very important role in any direct marketing campaign, we aim to provide customized sales leads of the finest quality to our customers thereby increasing their ability to achieve higher sales and improve their market share. We provide Customized Sales Lead depending on your requirement

1. Salaried Executive

2. Call Center Executives

3. Chartered Accountant

4. Cost Accountant

5. HR Managers

6. Engineers

7. IT Professionals and more

Email Database By Industry

Email ListRecordsPrice
Accountants 34,912 US$209.00
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services 64,519 US$309.00
Advertising-Agencies 11,299 US$94.00
Architects 36,405 US$218.00
Art Supplies 101,911 US$399.00
Attorneys 116,995 US$490.00
Banking 68,071 US$326.00
Beauty Salons 20,843 US$150.00
Boats & Watercraft Business 13,920 US$110.00
Building Contractors 10,548 US$88.00
Car Dealers 7,264 US$79.00
Civil Engineer 8,398 US$80.00
Clinics 18,758 US$157.00
Corporate Gift Buyer 18,535 US$148.00
Electronic Equipment Supplier 2,090 US$22.00
Environmental & Ecological Services 4,803 US$51.00
Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs 1,012 US$12.00
Financial Advisory Services 22,835 US$164.00
Graphic design 53,288 US$255.00
Insurance 81,512 US$342.00
Interior design 17,391 US$145.00
Investment 43,643 US$261.00
Jewelers Retail 2,433 US$25.00
Kitchen & Household Equipment 14,815 US$124.00
Landscape Designers 12,280 US$102.00
Legal Services 12,468 US$104.00
Mail Order & Catalog Shopping 10,319 US$86.00
Makeup & Cosmetics Business 17,861 US$139.00
Marketing 57,589 US$276.00
Motor Vehicles Business 40,502 US$243.00
Musical Equipment Business 47,419 US$279.00
Non-profit Organization 5,170 US$49.00
Packaging Service 7,809 US$74.00
Personal & Business Loans 100,155 US$420.00
Pet Supplies 15,996 US$127.90
Publishing & Printing 52,167 US$259.00
School and Education 28,495 US$204.00
Social Services 9,437 US$90.00
Software Engineers 29,484 US$211.00
Toy Supplies 2,796 US$33.00
Web Design 75,988 US$364.00
Wedding Supplies & Services 12,406 US$103.00 is committed to serving our clients by identifying with our client's business goals and providing practical marketing communications solutions that will help reach those goals. Our core competence, indeed the very foundation of the company is built on trusting relationships which translates into true partnerships.

All the above mentioned database costs only

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