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Build Huge Email Lists


For just $99 we will send your bulk email ad to 500,000 recipients (100% Opt-in email lists)!

Completely Spam FREE!!
You won't get into any trouble!!
You won't lose your ISP!!

Send Emails Quantity Price(US$) Order
   50,000    $ 39.00 Order Now
  100,000    $ 59.00 Order Now
  200,000    $ 89.00 Order Now
  500,000    $199.00   $99.00 Special Order Now
1,000,000    $299.00 Order Now

Nowhere else on the Internet is it possible to deliver your bulk email ad to so many people at such a low cost and completely Spam free. Once your order has been processed and your ad copy sent out, you will be sent an email including a log file.

We have been in the business of promoting on-line businesses for many years and we know that the best way for your business to QUICKLY reach potential customers is via our bulk email marketing services.

Almost all of our emails are verified and valid
High feedback rate and read to buy convertion rate
Send advertisement to our members directly
Customer tracking and reporting
Members all over the world
Handle HTML, Text and AOL formats
High performance software

Suppose had we sent out your ad copy to 1 million potential users, if there would one sale produced every 1000 members, you would get 1000 sales totally!!! This is not dream, most of our customers got their success with our help. Now, it's your turn. Keep up with us, you would get your success.

Free Email Marketing Software when you purchase Worldwide 555 Million Email Ids for US$250 only

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